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Harmonica histories with Roger Trobridge and friends- Horniam Museum, London

Harmonica histories with Roger Trobridge and friends

This performance-demonstration heralds the generous donation of a collection of harmonicas to the Horniman Museum. The harmonica was developed in the 1820s as a diatonic instrument, and a chromatic design became available around 1925. Harmonica bands became popular for both children and adults. Chord and bass instruments were developed in the 1930s. A versatile instrument, the harmonica lends itself to traditional music, blues, rock, popular, film, classical, and jazz. Its history, various types of the instrument, and some of the musical genres in which it has featured will be explored during this event.

Please note: This event will be held in the Hands on Base.

Phil Leiwy - diatonic harmonica

Eva Hurt - chromatic harmonica, bass harmonica, diatonic harmonica, Triola

Jim Davies - diatonic harmonica

Shirish Swami- chromatic harmonica, bass harmonica

Arthur Miller- diatonic harmonica

Stuart McKay - diatonic harmonica

Address: 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 3PQ